5-Mega Pixel Box Type PoE IP Camera

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  • 5 Mega-Pixel High Resolution Sensor
  • 15 FPS at 5MP, 25 FPS at 3MP, 30FPS at 1080P
  • Optional Dual Band Wireless-N
  • WDR Support
  • Clear Motion Technology
  • DC Iris Support and IR-CUT Removable (ICR)
  • SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot for Local Storage
  • Compatible with ONVIF Standard
  • 802.3af Power over Ethernet Port
  • Support both C and CS Mount Lens


irLive BC-5010 is the new generation of 5 Mega-Pixel box type IP Camera from AirLive, it improves the frame rate up to 15 FPS at 5Mega-Pixel resolution and it also provides SD and USB slot for local storage. Moreover, with optional X.USB dongle, AirLive BC-5010 can support wireless connection.
5 Mega-Pixel Video Resolution with Higher Frame Rate and Lower Lux Illumination
AirLive BC-5010 can offer you smoother video. At 5 Mega-Pixel resolution, new processor can process 15 frames per second. In addition, it can also operate at 3 Mega-Pixel at 25 frames per second or 1080P at 30 frames per second. The enhanced sensor can work in light condition as low as 0.2 lux. Therefore, AirLive BC-5010 can offer better quality video in low light environment.
Clear Motion Technology
AirLive BC-5010 provides bright and vivid colorful image due to its high quality low lux sensor. However, the most beautiful image will be useless if it is not able to catch the details of moving objects. AirLive has developed the Clear Motion Technology to minimize the motion blur caused by moving objects. So you can have the details where you need it.
New SecurSense User’s Interface
The BC-5010 features the new SecurSense interface from AirLive. Not only it is very easy to use and work correctly for different browser environments, it also has the most completed set of functions. Functions, such as “Push-to-Talk” and “Audio File Playback”, allow your IPCAM to say a pre-recorded phrase or audio songs when alarms are triggered.
Changeable Lens and Auto-Iris Support
AirLive BC-5010 can support both C mount and CS mount lens without needs for adapters. In addition, the support for Auto-Iris lens allows automatic aperture adjustment to improve image quality to avoid over exposure.
WDR Support
When strong back light is surrounding a subject, camera with wide dynamic range technology can adjust the intense backlight and dark area to balance the whole screen. Therefore, user can recognize the details in the bright and dark area.
Diverse of Interface for Integrating
AirLive BC-5010 supports SD/SDHC card and USB flash drive for local storage. It also supports DI/DO for further integrating with additional sensor and alarm. Connect AirLive BC-5010 with the external microphone and speaker; it can perform the two-way audio function.
Optional High Mega-Pixel Lens
AirLive, the leading IP camera manufacturer, has launched high quality Mega-Pixel lenses. ACC-MPL-4mm is a Mega-Pixel CS mount lens, and suites for general daily usage. ACC-MPL-2812V F, ACC-MPL-1250VF and ACC-MPL-850VF are vari-focal lenses with Auto Iris. The advantage of a varifocal lens is that its focal length and field of view (FOV) can be change manually and hence can be used more flexibly. The focal length of ACC-MPL- 2812VF is from 2.8 to 12mm (4X). You can apply its wide end FOV in locations where an overlook is needed, such as entrance, hall way, or parking lot. And you can use its tele end for some critical areas like paying-counter. The ACC-MPL- 1250VF and ACC-MPL-850VF can be used in most of projects.
With BC-5010, POE-100HD-ICR and POE-5010HD, AirLive Mega-Pixel lens can provide you a high quality video no matter at day time or night time. The Auto-Iris functional can automatically adjust the aperture of the lens and give you a stable image in an outdoor environment with changing light source.
Camera Type
  • Indoor Box Type
Max Resolution
  • 2592 X 1920
Image Sensor
  • 1/2.5” 5 Mega Pixel Color CMOS Sensor
Sensor Resolution
  • 2592 X 1920
Lens Type
  • C/CS Mount Lens Support
  • Removable Lens
Night Vision
  • Built-In Removable IR Cut Filter
Minimum Illumination
  • 0.2 LUX
Mechanical IR-Cut Filter
  • Yes
Auto Iris
  • DC-Iris Support
Viewing Angle
  • Depend on lens
Analog Video Out
  • Yes
Video Compression
  • H.264 High/Main/Baseline Profile, MPEG4 Simple Profile and MJPEG
Video Profile
  • 38
Resolution and Frame Rate
  • 15 fps @ 2592 X 1920
  • 25 fps @ 2048 x 1536
  • 30 fps @ 1920 x1080
  • 30 fps @ 1280 x 1024
  • 30 fps @ 1280 x960
  • 30 fps @ 1280 x 720
  • 30 fps @ 720 x 480
  • 30 fps @ 640 x 480
  • 30 fps @ 320 x 240
  • 30 fps @ 176 x 144
  • Multi-profile streaming
  • Streaming over UDP, TCP, or HTTP
  • M-JPEG streaming over HTTP (for non IE browser)
  • 3GPP mobile view
  • Configurable frame rate and bandwidth
  • Support both CBR and VBR
  • Yes
Image Processing
  • AE, AWB
  • Noise reduction
  • Saturation, brightness, sharpness, contrast, Hue
  • Mirror/Flip
  • Text, time and date OSD
Digital Zoom
  • 10X
Audio Encoder
  • G711 u-law
  • AMR
Audio Streaming
  • Two-way
Audio Input/Output
  • speaker port and microphone port
  • One RJ45 Port; IEEE 802.3u Compliant 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet with Auto-MDIX
  • IEEE802.3af
  • Optional
Supported Protocols
  • Password protection
  • IP filter
  • Up to 20 simultaneous users
LED and Button
Power LED
  • Amber Color
Link/Act. LED
  • Green Color/Flash Green
Reset Button
  • Reboot and Factory Default (Push and Hold Over 5 Sec)
Network Processor
  • DSP Base
System ROM
  • 128MByte NAND Flash
System RAM
  • 128Mbyte DDR2 SDRAM
Power Supply
  • DC12V
Power Consumption
  • 4 Watts Max.
  • RJ-45 10BaseT/100BaseTX
  • 12V DC power jack
  • Microphone/Speaker jack
  • DIDO
  • Reset button
  • Operation: Temp: -5℃ ~ 55℃ Humidity: 20% ~ 85% non-condensing
  • Storage: Temp: -15℃ ~ 60℃ Humidity: 0% ~ 90% non-condensing
SD card slot
  • 64x64x130 mm
  • 0.365 kg
System Integration
  • AirLive Campro mobile
  • Search & Installation- IP Wizard II
Event Triggers
  • Motion detection
  • External input via DI interface
Motion Detection
  • 3
Event handler
  • FTP or NAS file upload
  • E-mail alert
  • HTTP, and TCP notification
  • DO (digital output) alarm
  • SD/USB file upload
  • Yes
Application Programming Interface
  • ONVIF 2.0
  • Open API for software integration
  • SDK
Video Buffer
  • Pre- and post- alarm buffering
Alarm Events
  • File upload via FTP or email
  • Notification via email, HTTP, and TCP
  • External output activation
  • Save to SD card/USB
Continuous recording
  • Yes
Viewing System
  • Windows® XP, Vista, 7
  • IE 7.0 or later, Firefox 2.0 or later, Safari,Google Chrome
Cell Phone
  • With 3GPP player
Video Player
  • VLC, Quick Time, Real Player, Core Player

Software & Firmware

  • AirLive BC-5010 Firmware Version 2.37 Details 2015/08/26
  • AirLive BC-5010 Firmware Version 2.35 Details 2015/07/31
  • AirLive BC-5010 Firmware Version 0.31 Details 2015/06/18
  • AirLive BC-5010 Firmware Version 2.30 Details 2015/06/16
  • SDK for MD-3025/MD-3025-IVS/BU-3026/BU-3026-IVS/BC-5010/BC-5010-IVS/ BU-3028/BU-3028-IVS Details 2015/06/16
  • AirLive BC-5010 Firmware Version 2.28 Details 2015/01/29
  • AirLive BC-5010 Firmware Version 2.08 Details 2014/08/19
  • AirLive BC-5010 Firmware Version 2.02 Details 2014/07/18
  • AirLive BC-5010 Firmware Version 1.91 Details 2014/05/13
  • AirlLive BC-5010 Firmware Version 1.89. Details 2014/04/07
  • Firmware Version 1.84. Support CoreNVR. Details 2014/01/28
  • AirLive IP Wizard II version1.0.0.3 Details 2013/07/19
  • Firmware Version 1.55. Cancel reset to default when firmware upgrade. Details 2013/06/10
  • Firmware Version 1.44. First release. Details 2013/06/10
  • BC-5010 Details


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BC-5010 5-Mega Pixel Box Type PoE IP Camera
BC-5010-4mm BC-5010 with 4mm, Mega-Pixel Lens
BC -5010-2812VF BC -5010 with Varifocal, 2.8~12mm, Auto-Iris, Mega-Pixel Lens
BC-5010-550VF BC -5010 with Varifocal, 5~50mm, Auto-Iris, Mega-Pixel Lens (Lens not for IR operation)
BC -5010-1250VF BC -5010 with Varifocal, 12.5~50mm, Auto-Iris Mega-Pixel Lens
BC -5010-850VF BC -5010 with Varifocal, 8~50mm, F/1.6, IR Corrected, Auto-Iris (DC), CS mount Mega-Pixel Lens
EAN Code
  13 Code 14 Code
BC-5010 4719869617040 14719869617047
BC-5010-4mm 4719869617101 14719869617108
BC -5010-2812VF 4719869617118 14719869617115
BC -5010-550VF 4719869617125 14719869617122
BC -5010-1250VF 4719869617132 14719869617139
BC-5010-850VF 4719869617361 14719869617368
Standard Package
Package Type  packing box
Package Size 28.5 x 17.7 x 9.5 cm
Package Weight
BC-5010 1.000 kg
BC-5010-4mm 1.045 kg
BC-5010-2812VF 1.060 kg
BC-5010-550VF 1.085 kg
BC-5010-1250VF 1.085 kg
BC-5010-850VF 1.151 kg
Package Content BC-5010, 12V DC Power Adapter, User’s Manual CD, Quick Setup Guide
Optional Accessories
ACC-MPL-4mm 4mm,  Mega-Pixel CS mount Lens, Good for up to 3 Megapixel resolution
ACC-MPL-2812VF Varifocal, 2.8~12mm, Auto-Iris (DC), CS mount Mega-Pixel Lens, Good for up to 5 Megapixel resolution
ACC-MPL-550VF Varifocal, 5~50mm, Auto-Iris (DC), CS mount Mega-Pixel Lens, Good for up to 5 Megapixel resolution (Lens not for IR operation)
ACC-MPL-1250VF Varifocal, 12.5~50mm, Auto-Iris (DC), CS mount Mega-Pixel Lens, Good for 2 to 5 Megapixel resolution
ACC-MPL-850VF Varifocal, 8~50mm, F/1.6, IR Corrected, Auto-Iris (DC), CS mount Mega-Pixel Lens, Good for up to 5 Megapixel resolution
SP-100E Network Surge Protector
Grounding cable 600mm
Carton Package
Quantity 10
Dimensions 50.5 x 38 x 31 cm
BC-5010 11.29 kg
BC-5010-4mm 11.74 kg
BC-5010-2812VF 11.89 kg
BC-5010-550VF 12.14 kg
BC-5010-1250VF 12.14 kg
BC-5010-850VF 12.80 kg