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  • AC-1200R firmware v1.17 Podrobnosti 2016/07/27
    1.fix Device status display incorrect if 2.4G/5G channel is AUTO
    2.Add “gateway” field in AP mode. 
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  • AC-1200R firmware v1.15 Podrobnosti 2015/08/07
    ● Modify default SSID.
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  • AC-1200R firmware v1.12 Podrobnosti 2015/05/20
    initial release
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  • AirLive Central Wireless for Win 7/8 Podrobnosti 2015/02/25
  • AirLive IP Wizard II version1.0.0.3 Podrobnosti 2013/07/19
    Easy installation with AirLive IP Wizard II Setup for discover AP & IPCam’s IP address and set up related parameter .
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