Firmware a ovladače


  Popis Podrobnosti Datum
  • FE-501DM-A1.0.3_0224_Air Podrobnosti 2017/03/21
  • FE-501DM-A1.0.2_0414_Air Podrobnosti 2017/01/16
    Improve stability.
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  • FE-501DM firmware A1.0.1_0911 Podrobnosti 2015/12/03
    Release Note:
    Improve the stability.
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  • FE-501DM, version A1.0.1_0413 Podrobnosti 2015/07/02
    ●Modified default ePTZ speed to 5.
    ●Added NAT traversal.
    ●Removed the popup message on IE when switching mounting mode.
    ●Fixed the bit rate value after changing display mode.
    ●keep all settings after upgrade firmware
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  • FE-501DM, version A1.0.1_0106 Podrobnosti 2015/03/12
    Intial release
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  • AirLive IP Wizard II version1.0.0.3 Podrobnosti 2013/07/19
    Easy installation with AirLive IP Wizard II Setup for discover AP & IPCam’s IP address and set up related parameter .
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